25+ Secrets of Home Decor Ideas Farmhouse Windows

When I purchased my home, I did not understand how costly window medicines could be. This is one home stylistic layout zone I am continually searching for chic yet economical approach to get around. One of my most loved window medicines I have in my home is situated in my washroom. Try to keep your hat on, it was the most easy to make. The best part is that it was ludicrously economical! I figured out how to make the whole thing for under $25!

The backstory to this undertaking… I had quite recently experienced a huge change in my life, wrapped up another rooftop on my home and immediately found there was noteworthy water harm to one divider in my washroom. Things occur in threes, isn’t that so? As I was attempting to make sense of how to pay for this as a performance {single ladies, it’s OK you will figure out how to make it work!} I required a speedy response to the bare window in this new space. Didn’t require my poor neighbors getting a demonstrate each time I utilized my new shower! So I went on the chase for a shoddy and bright window treatment to truly complete off the room.


  • Snares {I requested these yet you can utilize these, or these}
  • 2 ½ inch wood screws
  • Old Barnwood
  • Draperies {I requested these however you can attempt these or these}


  • Stud Finder
  • Effect Driver/Cordless Drill
  • Level
  • Measuring tape

I think the hardest piece of this undertaking was finding the ideal old, endured and matured board. I coincidentally had a board from an old bed I disassembled a couple of years earlier and was simply hanging tight for the correct undertaking. Presently, I’ve seen old wood promoted on Craigslist, on The Facebook Marketplace, and at my neighborhood rescue store. Just in the event that you don’t have your own ideal board lounging around.

In the wake of hunting down a while searching for modest sheer tab shades, Amazon was my best choice. Knowing the shades I requested had 7 tabs every; I ensured I requested no less than 7 snares. Estimating the board, I ensured I dispersed them fairly similarly. Lets be realistic I HATE math I attempted to outwardly apportion uniformly separated situation of the snares, I wont lie, I didn’t allot these to the 1/eighth of an inch. Visual speculating was OK for me.

When the snares were altogether settled to the board, I expected to discover my studs over the window. I understood that they were not even reliable. Nothing in this house is by all accounts when I require it! Running with it, I chose uncovered screws would add to the farmhouse/mechanical look. So penetrating directly into the studs from the front of the board, I joined the board flush to the divider.

Taking a little motivation from french window medications, I chose to cross the sheers, giving more inclusion and giving me this look I totally LOVE!

I guarantee I will improve photographs up once we get some daylight! It’s been relatively difficult to get great shots here as of late in the not exactly perfect lit places in my home.

Expectation you everybody picks up a little motivation from this post. It would be ideal if you share your most loved window medicines. I can hardly wait to perceive what you all have concocted.

Have an incredible rest of your week!

Good health,