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I’m eager to share Bowman’s done nursery! I didn’t know whether I would get the room together before his landing (you can see the first plan board here) yet since the little person went seven days past due, I could put the completing addresses the space (counting making that versatile on his due date while whispering sweet words like “escape my tummy”) before he made his presentation.

We had Toxophilite’s name selected from nearly the day we discovered we were pregnant. We named him Toxophilite on the grounds that, obviously, I cherish the name (and who doesn’t love bolts as a basic image to oblige the name?) yet in addition particularly for the moniker Archie which is Rupe’s grandpa’s name. He is the best multi year old I’ve at any point met.

Concerning whatever remains of his nameā€¦ It was really energizing to set up a quiet and impartial space for our son that is just around the corner. We needed the style of the space to develop with him.