+27 That will motivate you vintage camper remodel diy travel trailers

With the body boards expelled from the camper, the time had come to begin the fix. We deliberately fit the boards back together like a riddle and utilized painter’s tape on the front side of the board to hold everything set up.

At that point we utilized a similar 50/50 blend of MEK and ABS plastic pellets that we improved the situation our rooftop fix. Mr. TypeTwoFun wiped the posterior of the board down with MEK and brushed the MEK/ABS blend onto the breaks, making a point to fill them well. We painted it on pretty intensely, as we needed to ensure that this board didn’t split once more.

We let the MEK/ABS “goo” dry for around 24 hours. This was longer than we let our rooftop fix dry, yet we connected the goo entirely thick. We needed to ensure it was totally dry. When we were certain it was prepared, Mr. TypeTwoFun expelled the painters tape and began sanding the front of the board.

Grizzly Hold works admirably of concealing blemishes. We simply needed to sand off any edges or knocks left by the fix that may be unmistakable under the Grizzly Grasp. We likewise needed to give the entire board a light sanding to prep it, much the same as we did with the rooftop. Mr. TypeTwoFun utilized 220 coarseness sandpaper and afterward wiped everything down with MEK. Much the same as any work of art venture, arrangement is critical, so don’t compromise on the prep!